4 Common Moving Mistakes

Whether you are moving across the street or long-distance, it is always stressful. To pack and transport all your things is a lot of work. An improper preparation for the move can turn the process into a real nightmare. What are common moving mistakes and how you can avoid them?

Improper Packing of Things

One of the most important moments during the move is effective and proper packing. Usually, this process is postponed until the last few days, causing a chaos. As a result, a couple of days before the move, you start packing in a hurry shoving books with utensils, toys with bed linen, clothes with make-up, etc. just to fit everything into boxes. However, if you approach the matter seriously, then – when you need to unpack your things in a new place – it will be very easy to do. Here are some recommendations:

  • Do not count on your memory, simply sign the boxes. When in a new apartment everything is literally packed with boxes and bags, you will easily find those items that need to be unpacked first.
  • Separate things into categories and pack everything according to them. This will save you the need to go through the different boxes trying to find the most important things. For example, pack the adapter together with other wires and chargers instead of putting it into the box with the bed sheets.
  • Do not rush, pack things neatly. This will help you save space in the boxes and keep things without wrinkles and bends.


It is recommended to start preparing for the move a few weeks or even months in advance. First, pack the things that you are not going to use before moving (for example, summer clothes, if you move in winter). This will save your nerves and time because on a moving day you will only need to pack a few more things.

If you hate packing, you can use the services of professionals. Expomovers.com will help organize every step of your move making sure everything goes smoothly.

Not Having a Box with of Essentials at Hand

Keep what you use daily, separately. Essential things include:

  • Toiletries
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Medicines
  • Chargers for all your devices

Also, think about the first days after the move and separately pack those things that you will need at a new place at this time.

Inability to Part with Unnecessary Things

This is the main problem of most people who move. Think about whether it is really so necessary to drag everything you have accumulated over the years to the new house. Are you sure you need that five-year subscription of old magazines or that dryer with broken rods? If you doubt the usefulness of a thing –throw it away.

If you feel sorry to throw things away, you can try to sell or donate them. Clothes can be taken to an orphanage or a second-hand store. You can donate books to the library. Special recycling organizations will help you get rid of your old computers, TVs, electronics, and other devices without any damage to the environment. You can also arrange a sale of things online or organize a garage sale where your neighbors can buy some of your things.